Where’s Wally or Wonder Woman?

Where’s Wally or Wonder Woman?

In October I was tossing up if I should wear my Where’s Wally or Wonder Woman top for a meeting at our local NDIS office.

This decision was for a meeting at the NDIS office.

Where’s Wally….because navigating your way is kind of like looking for Wally

Wonder Woman…..because navigating the NDIS can require super hero expertise.

In the end I decided it may be a better idea to go with a unicorn theme because really anything is possible when you believe. I wore my best unicorn skirt.

The back story to this

Veronika has been a participant of the NDIS since June 2017. Veronika’s initial NDIS plan was inadequate to meet any of Veronika’s goals and it was sent straight back for review. The review was a very slow stressful drawn out process. Then finally in December 2017 after lodging an official complaint with the NDIS, writing to the Minister for Disability and engaging an advocate Veronika finally had a much more appropriate plan a week out from Chirstmas.

In July this year I had my first talk with Veronika’s NDIS LAC to begin to prepare for Veronika’s plan when her current plan would expire in September. We met a few times, and had many emails and phone conversations, before we had all we needed to lodge for Veronika’s new NDIS plan.

Veronika’s NDIS plan runs out

Veronika’s plan ran out in the middle of September…and her new plan was not done.

A week later with the support of our LAC an official complaint was lodged….it took a couple of weeks and then finally Veronika’s plan appeared in the portal. Except it was not even close to what I was hoping may be funded.

Our in home support hours were slashed

Therapy hours cut

Assistive Technology(equipment) not funded.

SO I contacted my advocate again. She asked me what I would like her to do for me. I said I would like you to ask the planner to meet with me to explain the gaps in Veronika’s plan.

A week later I met with the planner….*not in my Where’s Wally or Wonder Woman top*. I had my advocate and our NDIS LAC join me, and I explained why we had requested the things in Veronika’s plan review, which we had therapist reports to support,¬†and how it all related back to the goals in Veronika’s NDIS plan.

The planner agreed to add things back into Veronika’s plan and told me she would aim to have it done by the end of October.

The end of October came

No new plan

The middle of November came

No new plan

Communications between the planner and I indicated that it would be done by the end of November

The end of November came

No new plan

Maybe I should of worn my Where’s Wally top….because I am still chasing that elusive NDIS plan.

I know Veronika is not the most important participant in the NDIS, but to me she is. I will continue to advocate.

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