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Ten things people with Down syndrome would like you to know

29th December 2015, a trip to Richmond

This afternoon we went for a drive to Richmond, which is a beautiful village about 30 minutes from our home. We walked over the oldest bridge in Australia that is still in use(it was build in 1823)

Veronika wanted to go and see the ducks in the river. Jordan then pushed Veronika back up the hill!— at Richmond Bridge.

We all know it’s not a trip to Richmond unless you stop at the Richmond Lolly shop …..

Veronika picked a sorbet(ice cream) which was apparently too ‘cold'(that’s the face in the picture pulled at the cold).

And yes my girl actually said ‘cold’…..such a proud moment right there.

#veronikawillwalk #richmondlollyshop #sorbet#cerebralpalsy #trisomy21#christmasoutfitfromOma #oishim — at Richmond Lolly Shop.


17th December 2015…and just like that the school year is over

Today was the last day of school for the year, the last day of grade 1. It’s been a tough year as you know.

I knew Veronika had missed ‘a lot’ of school this year, following her surgery, and when her school report came home… the saying goes

‘When it’s written, it’s real…’

Seeing it written just how much school Veronika had missed this year, over 100 days….there in black and white.

I have had people ask if Veronika would repeat grade 1, which I can honestly say the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until I was asked the first time. No she won’t be repeating grade 1, she will go into grade 2 with her peers and we are blessed Veronika will have the teacher she had this year for grade 2 next year.

Looking at how much school Veronika missed this year, one could easily say ‪#‎cerebralpalsysucks‬ or ‪#‎surgerysucks‬ or complications from surgery that meant my girl took a lot longer to return to school sucks…..or one could say ‘it is what it is’ and look forward to grade 2 in 2016….

….because I have met friends on this journey who would give anything to have their child still with them, and have the opportunity to go to school, not to have grown their angel wings.

Those things we take for granted….

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Veronika Will Walk, our Ups and Downs with Cerebral Palsy's photo.

16th December 2015…I am Veronika

Jordan, Veronika’s eldest brother took this picture of Veronika…..I think he’s captured Veronika perfectly

Our determined, stubborn and incredibly cheeky girl.

If I had to describe Veronika in 3 words this would be them….

If you would like to join in and post a comment of the words you would choose to describe Veronika please do.

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Veronika Will Walk, our Ups and Downs with Cerebral Palsy's photo.

5th December 2015 education v’s therapy

Miss Veronika had a very busy week this week….this week was Veronika’s return to full time school as part of her transition back to school following her surgery way back in April. However Veronika also had 6 medical and therapy appointments booked during the week. Veronika did make it to 2 full days of school and 3 part days around her appointments.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the last few weeks about Veronika’s therapy sessions as part of her rehab from surgery. I often worry because my girl had missed so much school this year for medical reasons, and now she well enough to go to school she is still missing school to go to her therapy appointments.

Does one unbalance the other….

My thoughts are my girl needs to be at school for her education and social skills, but she needs to go to therapy to be functional at school and our community. I know ‘education’ isn’t just between school hours….we do work at home too just like we do lots of therapy at home as well.

However what I do know is its a great feeling that your doing the right thing when we were about to leave Veronika’s Paed appointment earlier this week, and her Paed looks me in the eye and says ‘Veronika’s going really well, your doing a GREAT job with her’…..and I smiled and said ‘Thanks’….

I never doubted Veronika would walk again, I just never expected it to be so soon after coming out of plaster….my girl truly is amazing.

Yesterday at Veronika’s OT appointment, Veronika and her therapist spent some time learning to write ‘Mum’ and then with her OT’s help Veronika drew a picture of me and wrote Mum….

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Veronika Will Walk, our Ups and Downs with Cerebral Palsy's photo.

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2 days ago

Veronika. Our Ups and Downs with Cerebral Palsy

Perfect weather for an autumn walk this afternoon!

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On Sunday Veronika and I went for a walk after bowling....the day she walked 230 meters 👍

I was walking along just behind Veronika looking at her gait(the way she walks). Veronika didn’t have her second skin on, her body posture support suit because it was drying after being washed.

That was the moment I realised how much of a difference her second skin makes to her gait/walking.

I filmed Veronika for a while to show her physio(and the rest of Veronika’s team) next time we see him.

Yesterday we went for a wander after speech therapy, and Veronika had her second skin on.

This video has Veronika walking on Sunday at the beginning without her suit, and then with the suit Monday.

The video doesn’t do it justice how much smoother Veronika’s gait/walking is in her second skin....but hopefully you get a bit of the picture how this supports Veronika and the functional impact it’s having on Veronika.

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That time Miss Veronika was on the front page of the Sunday Tasmanian......and she is still smashing goals 💥 ...

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