Veronika’s first year of the NDIS

Earlier in July 2018 our Miss Veronika was  in the Sunday Tasmanian. The story was about Veronika’s NDIS journey over the last year.

Veronika’s original plan was sent back to reviewed very promptly after we received her original plan in June 2017. That took months and ended up with me writing a formal complaint to the NDIS, writing to Jacquie Petrusma MP Minister for Disability Services and then I engaged advocate, it was a process that took months. Interestingly enough though this information was left out of the article in the Sunday Tasmanian! 

I will say though 7 months into Veronika’s reviewed NDIS plan, and she has been able to access the supports to work towards her goals including the awesome second skin she’s wearing in the photo.

A year into Veronika’s NDIS journey as a participant….we start to prepare for a scheduled plan review I’m hoping that it is much smoother than the unscheduled review we had last year.

Today I met with Veronika’s new NDIS LAC – National Disability Insurance Scheme Local Area Coordinator. I had a list of question I needed to ask her for clarification….and the LAC now has a list of things she is finding out about for me.

I already know that this plan review is going to be massive, a lot of work, a lot of reports to be written…a lot of focus, time and energy.

The LAC had some other suggestions for ideas that I need to look into….some more things to ‘add to the list’

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